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Kinda Blind Posts


How I See With Stargardt Disease

If you would prefer to have this article read aloud, press the play button below: I have a rare genetic eye disease called Stargardt Disease which has damaged my retina to the point where my visual acuity is poor enough that I am now legally blind. Many people upon learning that you’re legally blind assume that you are not able to see at all, which is far from the case…


My Journey From Photographer to Legally Blind Photographer

My love for photography began when I was a child, starting with my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic X-15, a camera I still own. By the age of 18 I became serious about photography and using my Canon FTb 35mm and Rolleicord Twin Lens Reflex camera, I began to study photography in college. Although I ended up dropping out and didn’t pursue photography as a career as I had hoped,…

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My Vision Loss FAQ

Since becoming legally blind two years ago, I’ve answered a lot of friends’ questions about the new world I find myself in.  I thought it might be helpful to write down the answers to the most frequent questions I hear from those around me. What Can and Can’t You See? I have a genetic eye disease called Stargardt Disease which causes me to develop a blind spot in the center…


Free Audio Books, National Parks Passes and Other Resources

Free Resource Overview: One of my goals in building this site is to share with others the things I’ve learned over the past year or so.  What I’ve found is that there are lots of great resources and benefits available to those of us in the low vision community, but that we need to dig and find each resource and benefit ourselves.  This post is my attempt to share some…

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Two Terrific Podcasts Episodes To Help Us Understand The World of Vision Loss

I listen to a LOT of Podcasts, they have been a staple of my media diet long before I lost my vision.  Some of the podcasts I listen to are specifically about vision loss and disability, but the majority of what I listen to is not related to either topic.  The two podcasts highlighted here came through my podcast feed and are so great that I wanted to call them…

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Why I’m Changing the Site Name to Kinda Blind

I registered my first domain name back in 1995. Had I known then what I knew now, I could have been a millionaire many times over by buying up domain names – back then you could buy just about any name you wanted. Over the years I’ve purchased many domain names, each attached to an idea for a site I wanted to build, or a Podcast I wanted to produce.…

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YouTube and Podcast Resources About Vision Loss

If you have gone looking for audio or video-based resources on vision loss, you will have seen that there are many video channels and podcasts out there, but culling through hundreds of resources can prove daunting. This curated list has been put together to help those with vision loss, or those supporting them, who are looking for the best and most up-to-date resources. The following YouTube channels and Podcasts have…

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Fear and Flying – Travelling Solo and Newly Blind

If you would prefer to have this article read aloud, press the play button below: In a little more than a week, I’ll be hopping a plane to Denver for the wedding of one of my closest friends, John. When we were 18, John and I threw on our backpacks and headed off on a cross-country hitchhiking trip. We were young and fearless and craved the excitement of the road.…


Low-Vision Tools on the Cool Tools Podcast

This spring I was honored to be a guest on the Cool Tools Podcast, where I discussed my top tools for the visually disabled. If you are not familiar with Cool Tools, it is a website (and podcasT) that recommends the best tools available. In each weekly episode of the Cool Tools Podcast, hosts Kevin Kelly (Founder of Wired Magazine and Mark Frauenfelder (Founder of Boing Boing and former editor…

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